Delicious Remedies: Anti Inflammatory Drink Recipes for Wellness

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Inflammation is the biggest problem that we are dealing in today’s world internal inflammation is the root cause of all the chronic Health diseases including heart troubles autoimmune conditions Cancers and also obesity.

Today We are going to explain about a powerful drink that is going to naturally eliminate inflammation in your body very quickly.

Understanding Inflammation: Its Impact on Your Body

So most of the people think that inflammation is that once your body gets hurt by something and there is redness and swelling by a particular part of your body or a particular joint of your body. the inflammation we are talking about is internal inflammation.

Inflammation is a process whereby your immune system gets Triggered either by an infection or a damage that happens internally to your body now this triggering of the immune system in the shortterm basis is good for your body.

Because it helps you to fight off the infection or to repair your body but in certain situations this inflammation keeps going on and on and on. and never gets triggered off and when it is not able to switch off that’s the time this chronic inflammation starts destroying your body.

Research is Very clear that all the chronic diseases whether it is a heart disease or cancers or any kind of autoimmune conditions like thyroid Hashimoto or rheumatoid arthritis. the root cause of the problem is inflammation and today. We are going to share with you this powerful Anti Inflammatory Drink. which has all the right ingredients that is going to reduce inflammation immediately in your body.

Ingredient Breakdown: How They Contribute to Your Body’s Vitality

So the number one ingredient in this drink is turmeric turmeric is the most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. that naturally exist this is not we telling you about it. this is the research studies we have more than thousand research studies on turmeric alone.

Which proves that turmeric has the highest amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. the reason is that turmeric has something called Curcumin as a chemical. Curcumin has the same mechanism of action as ibuprofen or any other anti-inflammatory medicine so that’s the reason.

It is a great compound to have anti-inflammatory benefits in fact the research studies have compared 1,000 to 2,000 mgram of curcumin against ibuprofen. and they saw similar results in reducing inflammation in the body that’s the reason turmeric is one of the strongest anti-inflammatory natural food that we Need to include.

The second anti-inflammatory compound we need to include in this Anti Inflammatory Drinks is ginger. yes ginger has been used for anti-inflammatory properties for a long time. especially ginger has something called gingerols. These gingerols are potent antioxidant compounds.

which actually reduces inflammation especially in your gut. we know that the gut health is directly connected with all our body’s Health all our organ systems are Dependent on our gut. 70% of our immune system is in the gut. so Ginger by reducing inflammation in your gut significantly supports anti-inflammatory benefit.

The third ingredient here is chia seeds. chia seeds have high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. they are high in fiber as well as they are good quality proteins. because of all of these benefits they are part of this drink because all of these things are needed for proper immune system of your body And also reducing inflammation in the body.

The number 4 thing to include in this Anti Inflammatory Drinks is berries especially strawberries or blueberries. the reason is that the berries especially strawberries and blueberries have high amount of polyphenols. these polyphenols are powerful again antioxidant compounds. which has shown that they can reduce inflammation in your brain as well as in your joints. so that’s a reason to reduce inflammation in your brain and Joints. we Are using berries so they can support your health as well as lowering inflammation.

Number 5 food to include over here is spinach spinach again is a super food. they have high amount of quatin as well as they have high amount of magnesium iron as well as different vitamins. especially vitamin C which are again powerful antioxidants. and as well as reduce inflammation in the body. and it has been shown in several research studies. that spinach can support the Proper immune system of your body. which is very much needed so that we can lower the inflammation.

Number 6 ingredient in this drink is Apples. why Apples? because apples of high amount of quercetin. that red color skin around the apples is where the quercetin is. so do not throw that skin. it is very important because because quercetin is a very powerful antioxidant compound. which has shown that it can improve your immune system. it can improve your heart health and reduce inflammation in your Heart. and plus apples are also very high in something called pectins. pectins acts as prebiotics for your gut health. and supports the good bacteria in your body. and supports the probiotics which are already present in your body. so apples are not only supporting in reducing inflammation in your heart. but also supporting in reducing inflammation in your gut. so you see all of these ingredients are reducing inflammation in your brain in your joints in your skin In your gut as well as in your heart so that’s the reason this is the most powerful Anti Inflammatory Drinks.

Anti-Inflammatory Drink Recipes to Refresh Your Body

So how to make this drink so let me share with you this secret recipe that is going to help you prepare this drink so you can drink it on the daily basis.

So to prepare this drink what you do you add one cup of water then you add one cup of chopped apples into the the blender. then you add 1 in of fresh turmeric now the fresh turmeric sometimes might not be Easily available and that’s the reason you can get ground turmeric into the spice section. and

you can add one teaspoon of ground turmeric but I always prefer fresh turmeric. if you can get it. so you can add your turmeric into it then next ingredient to add over here is Ginger. Ginger easily available in the majority of the grocery stores and half a inch of fresh ginger is what you can add to this blender of yours by chopping into it.

And then three Teaspoons of chia seeds but these chia seeds needs to be soaked overnight. so very important to soak your chia seeds overnight. and then in the morning is where you add three tpoon of chia seeds to this drink. and then you add half a cup of berries. my preferred berries are blueberries.

but if you don’t have blueberries. then strawberries are the second best berries to add into this Anti Inflammatory Drinks. and then you add half a cup of spinach to the blender also. and Then you blend all of these ingredients for some time.

If it is warm. where you are you can always add some ice to it. so it can become cold into there. and this is what your drink is now. you can drink this drink early in the morning every day. and this is going to reduce your inflammation. and get rid of all the problems that you are having especially because of inflammation. so now you know the number one remedy to get rid of inflammation quickly by natural methods.

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