Traya Review – Is Traya A Scam? My Honest Review

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Hi everybody and welcome back to my Honest Traya Review blog. this is my unbiased review of Traya hair Treatment. I have seen a lot of reviews on it and some of them were really really nice but so that I wondered if they were paid to say those things. and then some of them were trash in the brain so much that I was just like you just doing it to be controversial because unfortunately this was I am Giving you my other unbiased opinion from my experience here.

Is Traya A Scam or Fraud? – Real or Fake?

I was under Traya’s treatment and used their almost all products so I think I am capable to answer all the questions and tell you about my experience while treatment.

My hair started falling out when I was only 26 years old. Yes, the severe hair loss just shocked me at the age of 26. However, young adults obviously don’t have severe hair loss, right? That was my understanding at that time, but as my condition worsened, I start experimenting with other home remedies suggested by youtube videos, just like the rest of us. I brought various market products and oils and shampoos. started using oils and shampoos Which is made from onions. These products didn’t help my problem a bit, even though I spend a lot of money for these wortless products.

In an age where people do party, enjoy life, and search for a life partner, I felt helpless and disappointed by my hairfall. I became a more insecure and self-conscious person over that time. This feeling remained for 5 years.

I saw a Traya advertising on YouTube last year while watching  YouTube clips. At first, I was like, “Hey, another new product on the market,” but after that,I saw their strategy for dealing with hair loss made sense. In every circumstance, the hair test was free, so I decided that I should try it.

After I completed the hair test, Traya provided me with a personalized treatment plan. I was contacted by a hair coach, who provided a lot of detail about the entire course of treatment. In addition to products, they recommended a routine of exercise and  diet and nutrition to support the treatment.

Although I was consistent with the traya, I was unable to adhere to the diet on a daily basis.but I give my 100 percent because i was really fed up from this hair fall problem and now i dont want to any compromise with my hairs.

Finally, after Six months, I could see new hair growing on my scalp. I have no words to express how happy I was at the time. Some of you might thinking I’m overreacting, but for me, this was nothing short of a miracle because I hadn’t seen any hair growth in almost five years. This turned into a source of motivation, and  then i kept continued this traya treatment.

My personal reviews of Traya products

This is a photo of myself after the procedure has been completed; You can see the results by your own in this pic. After realizing how effectively the treatment was working, I told my friends about Traya to try it out for similar hair issues, and they had a wonderful experience as well.

You are seeing the condition of my hair, the reason for this was the hair other treatments like I was doing, big mistake like hair color or the chemical hair spa. , I don’t know what is the actual reason for my hairfall. we can hide them for some time But there comes a time when you cannot hide your boldness even by hiding it.

Barbers also do our hair, but if this receding line and boldness increases to a great extent then they are also not able to help in this.If you are an individual who has seen abundant hair in his youth. But it feels really bad now when you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, your hair fall is increasing day by day and you are very fed up with it.

But for a long time, we are not be able to reduce hairfall by using oil shampoo or home remedies. How did I know its path? Because I openly say one thing, I want to reduce the stress level in my life.

Science Behind Hairfall

But now let’s talk about a little bit science. There can be so many reasons for hairfall and. It is very important for you guys to know what is going on internally. It can also be stress, our sleeping habits and especially our diet or Additionally, any underlying medical condition such as thyroid problem, deficiency of Vitamins and minirals.

When you know that hair fall is due to some medical condition and is happening internally, then how can it be stopped by applying any shampoo or oil?I had heard from many of my friends and on many YouTube ads about a brand called Traya which can actually cure my internal condition.

How to work traya?

So friends, first of all we will know how Triya works. When we go to its website, the first option comes. When we click on a hair test,So first of all an option comes, hair test, when we click on it, it asks us four types of information, first it asks us for our details, knows about us, then after that it asks us about our scalp.After that it knows about our lifestyle then finally it asks us for a photo of our hair condition.

They will ask your name and you will have to put your name there. After this they asks for your mobile number. Then give your email address. Then they will ask about your age and then they asks about your gender. Then they will talk about your scalp dandruff.

So first of all they asks you, whether you have dandruff on your head or not. If yes then what kind of dandruff is it, means there is very little dandruff or it comes again and again? or is it very stubborn dandruff? or is it Psoriasis? Or is it Seborrheic dermatitis or nothing?

All Products In Traya Kit

  1. Starting with Hair Ras : take Two tablets of Hair Ras after breakfast and two after dinner with a glass of water.
  2. Second is Health Tatva : Take two tablets of this metabolic booster daily, one before breakfast and one before the dinner with a glass of water.
  3. Hair Vitamin : Hair Vitamin is a daily dose of essential vitamin required for your hair growth. Take one tablet of Hair Vitamin a day after breakfast with a glass of water and you are good to go.
  4. Gutt Shuddhi : Gutt Shuddhi is for balancing your gut and digestion. It is recommended to take one tablet of Gutt Shuddhi after dinner with a glass of water.
  5. Scalp Oil : Traya’s Scalp Oil comes with a customized booster oil. Pour this 7 ml Booster oil into the scalp oil and shake well. Then take sufficient amount of this mixture and apply gently on your scalp. and massage 2-3 Minutes. If You have mild dandruff. Then keep scalp oil for only 3 to 4 Hours before hair wash. Others can keep it overnight for the best resultS. Use it twice a week.
  6. Minoxodil : FDA approved Minoxodil is best for hair growth results. Apply this serum on clean and dry scalp. On the areas You notice balding or hair loss. Make sure to use dropper for application. and take only one ML of it. Apply this twice a day.Note that you do not have to rinse this solution after applimcation. On ther day when you apply oil. Apply minocodil first and then apply oil 1 hour later. If in case the solution falls anywhere on your face Or on your palms wash it off immediately after each application.
  7. Anti Dandruff Shampoo : This shampoo is used as a medicated anti dandruff treatment. Make sure you take a generous amount of this shampoo. Lather on the scalp for minimum 5 minutes. and then rinse it off. Do not apply anti dandruff shampoo across the lenght of your hair. apply it only on the scalp.And use it twice a day.
  8. Defence Shampoo : Defence Shampoo is a regular scalp cleansing shampoo take a sufficient amount of this shampoo. masssage it gently on the scalp and rinse it thoroughly. Use this shampoo two times in a week.But if you have oily scalp. you can use traya Defence Shampoo even more often.
  9. Nasal Ghrit Drop : Nasal Ghrit Drops help improve sleep[ cycle. just before going to bed lie down and put 3 drops in each nostril. This might be new for many people so if you feel any kind of discomfort or irritation. then just gargle with the warm salt water. Nasal Ghrit Drop can solidify in cooler tempreture so if this happens then you can justdip this bottle in to luke warm water for a few minutes.
  10. Recap Hair Serum : Recap Hair Serum is a patented hair grownt active with natural extracts. apply 1ml of Recap Hair Serum using dropper at night on the area where you notice balding and hair loss. Apply it only on the scalp and hair roots and not across the hair strands. Onthe days when you apply oil apply recap first and the apply oil 1 hour later.

What is the success rate of Traya

Traya claims their success rate is 90 to 93%. They says More than 2,50,000 consumers have selected Traya. and the Results have been seen by 93% of users they are totally satisfied with Traya. and there are so many review videos and articles on internet which claims traya success rate little different most of people claims it is around 80 to 85%.

Pricing of Traya Products

  1. Cost Of Hair Ras Ayurvedic Hair Herbs : 520 INR
  2. Cost Of Hair Vitamin with DHT Blockers : 520 INR
  3. Cost Of Defence shampoo |(100 ml) Mild Shampoo with Biotin : 300 INR
  4. Cost Of Gutt Shuddhi | Natural organic Supplement for enhance Digestion and Gut Health : 200 INR
  5. Cost Of Health Tatva for Energy| Fatigue | Absorption | Immunity : 300 INR
  6. Cost Of Traya Nasal Drops medicated with ayurvedic herbs : 150 INR
  7. Cost Of Recap Serum for improve Scalp Health | Contains Redensyl, Procapil, and Capixyl (30 ml) : 1300 INR
  8. Cost Of Scalp Oil with Booster Shots for Dandruff Therapy : 450 INR
  9. Cost Of Scalp Oil with Calm Oil Shot |which Contains ORPL and Ylang Ylang : 450 INR
  10. Cost Of Scalp Oil with Growth Oil Shot | Contains Motia Rosha, Wheat Germ, and ORPL : 450 INR
  11. Cost Of Consti Clear for Improved Bowel Movement : 599 INR

Note : It is not mandatory to buy all the products at together. its basically up to you and your financial condition. First Traya doctor’s would required your hair problems and goals. then Traya shall suggest you the best treatment as per your condition.

Is there any side effects of using traya?

I didn’t face any kind of side effects.

Is Traya Beneficial for Bold people?

In my case i can say yes it works. i have already uploded my after before pic.

How long it does take to showing the results?

Its depends on person to person and condition of baldness. So in my case i noticed the results in 6 to 7 months.


Once you figure out what your root cause is, that is when you can actually start working on it. But brother, how do you know what the actual problem is? Now that’s why I feel Traya is the best. They helped me figure out why I have hair loss .I am grateful to my hair coach for encouraging me and telling me there is still hope. I could not have finished the course of treatment without their help. A huge thank you to the entire Traya team, from the bottom of my heart.

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