What is 9-1 Rule in Health Habit

After appling these 9 rules your body is fit forever. Anyone can make their life healthier by following 1-9 Rule.

Rule number 9 means

To maintain your body active and energized, aim for 9,000 steps every day.

Eight glasses of water:

For best health, you should make sure you consume at least eight glasses of water each day. Hydration in body is necessary.

Seven hours of sleep

According to doctors, Taking at least seven hours of sleep per night is essential for mental and physical recovery.

Six minutes of meditation

For stress reduction and mental clarity, Take out  at least 6 to 30 minutes each day for meditation. It will really prove to be beneficial for healthy life.

Five Fresh fruits or vegetables :

Include five servings of fresh fruits or vegetables in your daily life in order to get important nutrients.

Four breaks or rests:

To avoid sedentary behaviors, people with desk work must take four breaks or rests during the day.

3+3 meals

For sustained energy and nourishment, eat 3 large meals and 3 little meals or snacks.

Two hours after dinner:

For best digestion, give yourself at least two hours between dinner and bedtime.

One physical activity every day:

Make time for at least one physical activity each day. The expert recommends that it might be as easy as, taking a stroll, working out, practicing yoga, or participating in sports.