I tried other medications before but wasn't satisfied. Traya explained that visible hair growth takes at least 4 months. The kit was affordable and user-friendly. Despite the intense diet plan, I stuck to it. It's been a rewarding journey with Traya.

Dhruv Prasad

Traya made it clear that they were committed to improving your general health rather than just trying to sell you a product. My query on how to deal with hair loss was finally answered by TRAYA HEALTH .

After breakfast and dinner, take two Hair Ras tablets with a glass of water.

Traya Kit

Hair Ras

Each day, take two tablets of this metabolic booster with a glass of water before breakfast and before dinner.

Traya Kit

Health Tatva

. You can get started with taking one Hair Vitamin tablet daily after breakfast along with a glass of water.

Traya Kit

Hair Vitamin

Shake thoroughly after adding this 7 ml of booster oil to the scalp oil. Next, take a generous amount of this concoction and dab it onto your scalp.

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Scalp Oil

The best medication for hair growth is Minoxodil, which is FDA authorized. Use this serum on a dry, clean scalp. on the parts where you observe hair loss or baldness.

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This shampoo is applied as a medicated anti-dandruff remedy. Make sure to use a generous amount of this shampoo.

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Anti Dandruff Shampoo