10 Wellhealth Ayurvedic Health Tips For Healthy Life

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Friends when it comes to talking about health. There are no quick fixes here. Health is not a one-time destination where once we reach the goal then no need to worry about further health. Health is a journey that always has to be determined. Just as there are certain rules for traveling a journey. and if these certain rules are not applied you might have a terrifying accident.

In exactly the same way, there are also certain rules of our health. that are not only make our health journey easy and not even this keeps us healthy but we enjoy our life more and more.

10 Wellhealth Ayurvedic Health Tips

So today in this blog we are going to share with you some 10 vital rules by following those rules you may feel healthier. So if you like those rules you may note these rules on a piece of paper and also you can make sticky notes and you can put those sticky notes at your preferred place. This will help you to remember these rules and you will be able to apply these rules in your life.

So let’s start with our first wellhealth ayurvedic health tips or rules.

  1. We should always use Pink or rock salt instead of normal white salt in our daily foods. Pink or Rock salt is known as pink Himalayan salt. This salt helps to reduce water retention and high blood pressure in the body and that is why it does not have any bad effect on your health by eating rock salt.
  2. The second ayurvedic health rule is after having dinner it is mandatory to take a walk for a minimum of 500 steps. Many researchers have mentioned taking a walk after having dinner. It helps to lose weight and bad fat from the body and there are no complaints of gas and acidity and also it helps to make your sleep well and cozy.
  3. The third Ayurvedic health rule is not to drink water after having any meal. It should be a minimum 30-minute gap after having any meals. We all know this is the main cause of belly fat and weak digestion so next time keep in mind don’t drink water immediately after eating food.
  4. The fourth Ayurvedic rule is at least drink a minimum 3-4 liters of water a day. It is really helpful in keeping stomach problems away and almost reducing the chances of stomach problems and less chances of having kidney stone problems. It is also helpful to clear the body’s harmful toxins.
  5. The fifth wellhealth ayurvedic health tip is never to forget to drink warm water after waking up in the morning and also as soon as you wake up in the morning, you should splash cold water in your eyes. By doing this the body gets detoxed and eyesight also increases.
  6. The Sixth rule is never to use refined oil to cook food. You can use olive oil instead of this. The refined oil is made up of a lot of chemical processing. So if you want to live a healthy life just avoid refined oils. There are some alternatives to olive oil such as coconut oil and Unrefined Sesame Oil. You’d have these two options instead of olive oil.
  7. The seventh tip is friends make your food as colorful as possible. Colorful means here colorful vegetables and fruits as we know vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Which Is really essential for a healthy body and eat always boiled food.
  8. Avoid white foods such as white sugar, white salt, white rice, and white flour. These white foods always have high amounts of calories which is not good for our health. So avoid as much as possible the white foods.
  9. Don’t consume or include in dinner some foodstuffs like Curd, kidney beans, and rice. According to the Ayurveda if you consume these foodstuffs in dinner. If you include these in dinner you may face some stomach problems such as constipation and acidity etc. So avoid these foodstuffs at night time.
  10. The tenth rule is never to consume tea and coffee on an empty stomach. In today’s modern life we are also aware of these bad habits so avoid this as much as possible and just drink only warm water on an empty stomach.


If you follow these 10 rules of Ayurveda you will see the major changes in your life you will feed more healthier. We all think this is hard to follow these rules but believe me if you initiate once 100 percent you will get some good results. Remember it is not too to hard that much being healthy as we think. It is mandatory to live a healthy life first we have to give a healthy atmosphere.

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